Joseph Hoffmaster

The Dakota’s kitchen is led by Executive Chef Joseph Hoffmaster. Driven by the opportunity to put his personality onto a plate, Joseph began his culinary career at age 17 working in casual family restaurants. He has made a name for himself at various Dallas hotspots including Culpepper’s and the Magnolia Hotel, where he worked as Executive Sous Chef for 5 years.

Joseph joined the Dakota’s family in 2013 as Sous Chef, and became Executive Chef just one year later. He was drawn to Dakota’s because it gives him the chance to be recognized for his culinary skills, and it offers a truly unique experience for everyone who enjoys an evening by the underground waterfall.

Chris Rowberry

A member of the Dakota’s family since 2011, General Manager Chris Rowberry has over thirty years of experience in the restaurant industry. Beginning in St Louis, MO, Chris got his fine dining start with Morton’s of Chicago, which eventually brought him to Dallas in 1992. He has been a part of Dallas icons Nick & Sam’s, and Chamberlain’s. Chris hand picked Dakota’s for the next step of his journey, thrilled by the challenge to grow a then 27-year-old restaurant with a great history into something more.   Chris enjoys time with his family, cooking and tasting fine wines. To Chris, the best part of the Dakota’s is the people. As a family man, he believes the Dakota’s family is one you won’t find anywhere else and they are what make each experience at Dakota’s something memorable for everyone.